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May Specials

Charity of the Month –      




Exploit No More 

Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including in the United States. In fact, the greater Milwaukee area has one of the highest rates of trafficking activity in the country. It is estimated that human trafficking generates many billions of dollars of profit per year, second only to drug trafficking. Drugs can only be sold once, but a person can be sold over and over.

Motivated by the love of Jesus, Exploit No More responds to the impact of sex trafficking through community education and supportive services. Exploit No More is dedicated to see all survivors of sex trafficking treated with dignity and have access to safe housing, supportive services and the ability to move forward to work toward their goals.

Our programs include:

 Survivors of sex trafficking need and deserve a safe and dignified space to heal. Exploit No More purchased and lovingly remodeled an apartment building into the beautiful 8-bed, 4-bathroom Freedom House. We are honored to partner with Benedict Center to provide housing and supportive services for survivors of sex trafficking. In addition to a warm and safe bedroom to sleep in, good food to eat, a hot shower, laundry, personal care items, and internet access, we are providing services for our guests to help them on their journey to thrive.

With the need for an efficient way to provide basic items to victims of trafficking, we created the MKE Resource Hub.  With over thirteen collaborators including CRAY, Collaborative Rapid Advocacy for Youth, this program provides personal care supplies for victims of trafficking and individuals at high risk of becoming ​trafficked. Recipients are given tangible ways to make their own decisions, which is essential for physical and emotional healing.

 Awareness is critical to recognizing and preventing human trafficking.  We educate our community through our free Human Trafficking 101 presentations, social media posts, Churches Against Trafficking, and ​Schools Against Trafficking.

Because People Are Not Property.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more: exploitnomore.org





Sandwich of the Month 



   Usinger's Jumbo All Beef Hot Dog

 100% beef hot dog served on a steamed, soft bun, topped with your choice of condiments.






Featured Treats




Your favorite summertime treat is back! 

Cherry, orange, blue raspberry, grape, & lemon-lime slushies are here for the summer, or while supplies last.






 Spring Log Roll

Introducing the newest addition to our line of special, made in-store, sweet treats - the Spring Log Roll!

Vanilla cake "rolled" with strawberry custard, topped with sweet cream cheese frosting, and decorated for spring.



Perfect for Mother's Day!




Available Daily


Our Log Rolls & Custard Pies make great desserts anytime!



We have Pints and Quarts of vanilla , chocolate, and assorted flavors ready to go!



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