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Quote Of the Month: If I cannot do great things , I can do great things in a small way - Martin Luther King Jr. 

Minions of the month: TBA!!

Thanks for an outstanding preformance keep up the great work !!!!!!!





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Congratulations to the following on getting certified on their stations,Zage.D, Henry N on FR, Thomas C. on MW, Brandon L on BS, JJ Driscoll,and Cody H on CM then lastly Carson V,Joshua A Sean K,and Alejandro G on CA  Thanks for your hard work and we hope to see your constant improvment and dedication to the gillies family Keep up the execllent work !!!!!!!!

July Birthdays 

London F- July 8th 

Taylor C- July 14th 

Kevon S- July 31st 


Anniversaries Jul:

Felipe S: July 2nd ( 1 Year )

Dan G: July 4th ( 10 Years )

Emily E: July 5th ( 4 Yrs 7Mo)

Connor S: July 5th ( 1 Year) 

Brandon L: July 5th ( 1 Year) 

Alejandro G:July 5th ( 1 Year) 

Sean K: July 19th ( 2 Years ) 

Henry N: July 25th ( 1 Year) 

Chase A: July 26th ( 1 Year)