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Flavor of the Day

Our Team

Employees of the Month

Leia S.

Kevone S.

Naj and Reese are our January team stars! 

They are always busy and willing to pitch in wherever they are needed. Whether working their station, helping at another station, teaching a new team member, or helping us keep everthing clean and running smoothly, they are happy to lend a hand.

We appreciate you!!


Shout Outs!

Congratulations to the following on getting certified on their stations: Khalil on Head of table, Chris on Team Lead, Ceci on Cashier, London and Adriannah on Fountain, and Naj on Head of Table and Maker Wrapper! Keep up the great work everyone! 

We are excited to announce the following additions to our team: London, Leo, Naj, Titus and Ceci, Welcome, we're excited to have you on our team!! 


February Birthdays:   

Aquni 2/8
Malaysia 2/15
Chris 2/10 

February Anniversaries:

Kate 2/20- 1 year
Lexi 2/6- 5 years
Tae 2/28- 4 years