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Quote Of the Month: "Perfection is a trait that hinders us from improvment " Kevon Stokes 

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Shout Outs!

Congratulations to the following on getting certified on their stationsTaylor and london on Cashier. Reece J., Caelum S.,Connor S., and Adrian O.  on custard along with Sly M. and Chaeli G. on Fn and on FR Joshua a , Bart J. and Juliana and lastly Val D on HT Good job to you All Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!  We're excited to have you here we are excited to see what else  you have to offer the Gilles family.


Dec Birthdays:   

Chaeli G. ( 12/5)
Bob L. ( 12/28)

DEC Anniversaries:

Mark J (6 Years )

Collin D.12/14 (1 Year)