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Customer Comments
To all our Raving Fans:
Thank you for your patronage, and all of the wonderful feedback you've given us over the past 80 years! Please continue to do so.

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Gilles Frozen Custard
Best Custard in Milwaukee. I have been enjoying this custard stand since I was a child. It is not a special occasion without stopping at Gillies.
--Long time customer
Milwaukee, WI

My name is Holly Scott and I am the daughter of Bruce Scott. I came to visit a friend in Milwaukee and to see where my dad grew up. My first stop off the plane from Denver was to Gilles for your famous "Dusty Road!" My dad and my Aunt Jean highly recommended that I order their childhood favorite. Mike took my secret insider order since it was not listed on your menu which really impressed my friend since he lives there and had never heard about the Dusty Road! Needless to say it was delicious and I will cherish the fact that it took me back to when my dad was a kid. Thanks for letting me taste a part of my family history. Congrats on 75 years of delicious memories.
--Holly Scott
Denver, CO

I was born in Feb 1938 at 647 North 79th. St. Attended St. Jude Grade School and Marquette High School. We spent many a Friday and Saturday night at Gilles enjoying chocolate malts, hot dogs and Dusty Roads thru the late 40s and 50s! It was just an outside walk-up window then. My daughter is visiting MKE and I accessed your website to give her the address. I noticed 75th birthday announcement. Anyway, all the best to Gilles and glad to see the tradition continues!
--Bruce Scott
Broomfield, CO

I think Gilles has the best custard in the world. I go there all the time and have enjoyed Gilles custard for several years. I also make sure all out-of-town company makes a visit to Gilles. It is on my required places to visit. When your day is maybe not going so great, a visit to Gilles changes your whole day and all of a sudden, your day is just awesome.
-- Doris, Milwaukee

We have been patrons for many years (20+). Each visit is special including our most recent on Friday, 6/10. We have moved about 25 minutes away however whenever we have out of town family your business is on the list of places to go. Recently my granddaughters came for a visit from California. We introduced them to Gillie's Custard. Now the next generation will be loyal fans. During our visit one of you friendly employee's who was at the register gave the girls a tattoo. I wanted to share the picture (go to the Photo page) with you. It is a great idea. Thank you for you family environment!
--Cheryl Bayer

Last week my son and I visited Gilles. We now live in Iowa City, Iowa and I still have a quart container from custard I bought there back in the eighties. My son knows it contained frozen custard so on our next trip to Milwaukee we just had to pay you a visit. The food, service and frozen custard were just as good as I remember it was back in the fifties and sixties when I was in high school (Don Bosco) and college (Marquette) in Milwaukee. Thanks for still being there. See you on my next trip...in August.
--Brian Adamec

My family moved to Milwaukee in September 1951, three weeks into my freshman year in high school. Fortunately for me our apartment for the first three years was at 232 N 75th Street, across from your stand. At that time, if my memory serves me correctly, there were three separate windows - - one for cones and dishes, one for sundaes, malts and the like AND "The Dog House" for GREAT hot dogs. I would love to have today the value of all the ten and fifteen cent cones and dishes as well as the approximately twenty cent hot dogs that I enjoyed!! I think that probably 80% of my paper route earnings made its way across Paul's counters! SO MUCH FUN!! Another thought - - it is amazing that a business that opened in 1938, when I was ONE, is still operating and successful, especially in this day and age. Congratulations! Enjoy the day,
-- Bob Pennington

I grew up about 10 blocks from Gilles and went to high school at Pius XI. Our family would walk to get custard after dinner on hot summer days. I have so many nice memories of your place from sitting on the wood bench with custard dripping down my arm from my cone as a 1st grader to ordering an after-school snack with my friends as a teen. I recently stopped in after about 10 years away and was happy to see that not much has changed. All of my favorites (Gillecookie, Grasshopper) were still available and I even recognized some of the staff. I'll be stopping in often and bringing my kids to make memories of their own. Thanks for not changing!
-- Jessica Martin

I so wanted to write a review for your marvelous, chock-full-of-memories/fun restaurant. Way back when,(well over 50 years ago) our father always used to bring us four kids, and mom, your special sundaes......frozen custard with hot fudge and warm pecans floating on top. Recently, we four brothers and sisters traveled back to Gillies just to relive our fondest memories. Three of us are from the West Coast and our sister is from Virginia. We were delighted with the atmosphere, food and sweet employees we discovered there. My special thanks go out to you and your super friendly staff for bring back fond memories, confections that delighted our tongues and kept a wonderful tradition alive in our minds, stomachs and, of course, memories. Once again, Thank You so very much! Sincerely yours
-- Mary Jo Blume
Olympia, WA

I have been a Gilles customer for many years and I am very happy to see that Gilles has stood up to the test of time. Most businesses couldn't last that long. I started going to Gilles when I was 16 years old and now 27 years later I still enjoy it. Your staff, food and custard are outstanding. Thank you.
-- Carl J. O'Claire

Thirty nine years ago I was a student nurse at Milwaukee County General Hospital School of Nursing and that's when I first started going to Gilles. My friends and I would walk there after our long days of classes and "clinicals". Gilles still reminds me of fun, friends and "time off" from work and worries!! Thank you.
-- Barb Bilicki

I live in Ireland and when I was in Milwaukee in the month of June I loved going to Gilles. The brownie supreme was awesome and the Gilles cookie was freakin delicious. I cannot wait to come back!!
-- Phil Murray

I have been eating Gilles custard ever since I can remember. I grew up in West Allis in the 1950's and 60's, the oldest of six kids, and I can vividly recall the summer nights when my Mom and Dad would pack all of us into the family station wagon to get what we called a "half & half"-- a cone with one scoop each of chocolate and vanilla custard. What bliss! Gilles has always been a pleasant part of my life.
-- Greg Frederick

Best Custard in the World!!
-- Steve, Washington, D.C.

You have the best custard anywhere, we love it and we also have had your cakes, wonderful . . .
-- Patti Beaumont

-- Dorothy Schneider-Fuelling

The turtle sundaes are the best. I come from Racine for them!
-- A Fan

Please keep up the great work. I come in from Hartland just for a burger and a Zombie whenever possible!!
-- Jason Ells

This is a great thing you guys are doing, I look forward to your E-mail newsletters every month.
-- Barb Wilhelm

Our Irish eyes will be with you on St. Pattys Day. What a tremendous asset you are to the Irish citizens of Milwaukee.
-- Kathleen and Kevin and Jim Sheridan, Troy, Michigan

My wife Chris and I now live in Barrow, Alaska, over 3,000 miles from Milwaukee. But everytime we visit relatives in Milwaukee, we try to stop at Gilles, at least once a day. The food and service are great, and we often meet people I knew from back around 1958 when I graduated from Pius XI high school. Keep up the good work!
-- Earl Finkler, Barrow Alaska

You guys are still the best, and I spent most of my high school income at your place back in the 70's. You know that black raspberry flavor that you have?? Well, could you arrange to have that once a week??????
-- Mike, Wauwatosa

Thank you for your newsletter. I come to your store for food and custard almost three times a week!
-- A Fan of Gilles Frozen Custard

Your Custard Keeps Me Comin Back.
-- Mark

I have been going to Gilles since I was a little girl and have always gotten the Fudge Mellowmint Sundae. I have yet to find a better sundae.
-- Cheryl Goldring

Being an ice cream/frozen custard fan runs in the family for me. My dad is known for ordering his treat first, gobbling it up, then surreptitiously sneaking up to the counter to order his second, while the rest of us are savoring our carefully selected sundae of choice.

When I moved to Milwaukee, City of Frozen Custard, I tried the rest... but none compared with the best - GILLES! Whenever family and friends come to visit Milwaukee, we treat them like kings and queens by taking them to Gilles! Thanks a million :-)
-- Jennifer Oneby

We come to Milwaukee several times a year to visit friends. After driving about 5 hours from Ft. Wayne Indiana, the first thing we do is stop at Gilles for the worlds best custard. We also make it our treat for the trip back home. We sometimes stop twice during the day for a Jimmie Sunday.

You guys are great! Excellent food and excellent service. Keep up the good work!

Gilles has the BEST and most creative flavor of the day. It's smart to have it more than one day, so you won't miss out on it!

In college I miss my custard. I went to Marquette high and stopped by Gilles each day for a pint of daily, a double strawberry sundae, or just choc.

I love your custard!

I voted in your poll for once a month, but my frequency varies as often as my moods!

I go to Gilles at least 3 times a week. Gilles is awesome!

I live in Waukesha so its a trip to get in to see you....but then its always worth it!! Thank you!

Would love to visit you oftener, but do not live in vicinity. Your food & custard is great, along with your personnel.

I love Gilles vanilla ice cream!

Have been a customer since 1950 and you are in my blood. Can't go a week without my fix. Nuts about the salted pecans.

We love your custard sodas.

Gillies is the best place to go after school. Gillies rocks!

Gilles is the best! I go there at least twice a week!

My favorite is always the jimmie sundae!

I would eat at Gilles more often if I lived in Wisconsin. Your food and custard is the best!!!

I LOVE your Turtle Sundaes!

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